“More thematic than their previous output and almost cinematic in its approach...”
The Age Green Guide, October 2009
“Uplifting and singable like pop songs... Going Home is an album that comes highly recommended.”
All About Jazz, July 2009
“Highly recommended fory our life soundtrack.”
Beat Magazine, July 2009
“Beaming with pleasure... instantly appealing melodies with lush instrumental textures.”
The Age, April 2009
“This is music, quite simply, that makes you feel happy… like a welcome balm for weary souls.”
The Age, February 2009
“The only downside to musical escapism this complete is the jar that comes with returning to reality.”
Beat Magazine, January 2009
“Highly accessible, well played... and original”
The Weekend Australian, April 2008
“[A] pastel-hued album from four of Melbourne’s leading improvisers”
The Sydney Morning Herald, March 2008
“Hard to pigeonhole as jazz, classical or sophisticated instrumental, this has a delicate serenity… the abiding mood is of a peaceful interlude that never discards thoughtfulness.”
The Sunday Herald Sun, February 2008
“It seemed almost too good to be true to observe this super-group of jazz-affiliated musicians... pure class until the end... magic.”
Beat Magazine, August 2007